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Which Clinic Has The Best Success For Your Diagnosis?

​​Because Alternative Cancer Clinics USA works with many hospitals, we can be objective in our assessments.  We assist hundreds of patients every year, so we know which facilities are having the best success with what types of cancer. That’s the bottom line – it’s what every patient wants to know – can you really help me?  We can also explain treatment protocols, costs, length of stay, insurance coverage, financing and aftercare.

You have a world of options

If you don’t want to suffer the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, there are many options available right here in the USA.  There are dozens of integrative clinics that offer a combination of alternative medicine, IPT, detoxification, IV therapy, immune modulation, and spiritual and emotional help to deal with all aspects of this disease.  The problem is finding the right clinic for your situation.  There are hundreds of clinics listed on the internet, but which ones are legitimate?  Which ones are just a scam?

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